About Us


  • At Unity San Diego, we offer a welcoming, safe environment to explore one’s own relationship with God in a community of like-minded individuals.
  • We affirm the healing of everything through the power of love and acceptance.
  • We seek to be of service, to experience the joy of living, the wonder of loving, and the miracles produced by faith.


What We Offer

An open-minded spiritual community of loving, caring people

  • Sunday Service: at 10am.
  • Monthly Prayer-Meditation Service:  On the second Wednesday of the month, take a break from your busy schedule at 11am and join us for 60 minutes of prayer, meditation, and stillness.
  • Prayer Ministry: Call line with live workers from noon to Noon to 5pm (PDT), Monday through Friday, 619-282-7609 or by Email.
  • Youth & Family Ministry: 10am. Age-appropriate spiritual education is available for youth ages 18 mos-18yrs.
  • Music Ministry: live music at our Sunday service is led by our fabulous Music Director, Ron Councell, our Music Team and Unity San Diego Choir.
  • Adult Education Before Service on Sunday:
    A Course in Miracles – 9am.
  • Ongoing Activities:  Discovering Your Spiritual Power Group, Soul Sisters, Spirit Groups, Unity San Diego Choir, Yoga and Youth of Unity
  • Bookstore: On-site metaphysical bookstore
  • Classes & Events: Highlighted classes, workshops, and opportunities for social activities with fun like-minded people
  • Library: Includes traditional and metaphysical / new thought collections.
  • Online Library: large selection of metaphysical books

Who We Are


"To transform lives and inspire people to make a positive difference in our world."


“We empower personal growth through positive spiritual practices, inspirational music, 
and community service.”


“We manifest and express our spiritual oneness, as we are guided by infinite wisdom 
and prospered by divine love.”

We commit to these core values:








Our Stratigic Plan

Goal 1. Organize and Facilitate Community Outreach Efforts

Objective 1.1    Continue to Nourish Connections with Community through HeadStart, Supporting Food Distribution, Concerts, 12 Step Meetings, Metaphysical  Lessons, Circulation Day, etc

Objective 1.2     Grow Online Outreach with Social Media: Instagram Account, Social Media Content Calendar, Merge Youtube Accounts, Create Facebook Ads, Update Website, Create online sign-ups for congregants, create online interactions, etc

Objective 1.3    Create a Separate Budget for Outreach and an Outreach Subcommittee to support our outreach efforts

Objective 1.4    Interact More with Long Term Members: Friendship Sunday, Bring a Friend Day, Directly reach out to them and invite them to attend through a phone tree, offer volunteer opportunities, create an expanded welcome/follow-up team

Objective 1.5    Community Engagement Classes/Groups: Q Process, SEE Classes, Small Groups, Ministry Centric and Purpose Driven Church Classes, Scout Troops, Community centric offerings: classes for crafts, life skills, and neighborhood support events


Goal 2.  Update and Modernize Facilities (internal and external)

Objective 2.1    Modernize Streaming Equipment and Sanctuary Equipment

Objective 2.2    Paint and repair buildings, upgrade lawn areas, update the garden, and freshen up the gazebo, and add Solar power

Objective 2.3    Clear the stage of distractions, replace pews, upgrade the look of the Sanctuary and Lobby to include Unity logo and Unity consistent messaging

Objective 2.4    Update Outdoor Church Signage

Objective 2.5    Apply for National Security Grant and Implement Recommended Security Enhancements


Goal 3. Build New Revenue Streams/Increase Participation in Current Streams

Objective 3.1    Access Multiple Revenue Funding Streams: Board Donations, Tithing Classes (online and in person), Fundraising Campaigns (all platforms), and Grants

Objective 3.2    Get the Bookstore Online, Stock physical store with Unity Books and Content and Include Fair Trade Options

Objective 3.3    Advertise Facility for Rentals of Events and Host other Religious Organizations in need of Space, consider finding another small school

Objective 3.4    Offer Special Events and Workshops: Concerts, Conferences, Retreats, Guest Speakers, Craft Fares, Dances, Yoga, etc. Ask Congregation to share their talents. 

Objective 3.5   Increase Ways of Giving: Giving Boxes, Text Give, Kiosk, QR Code, Amazon Smile Account, Facebook Donate, Cash App, etc

Objective 3.6   Consider building a Unity San Diego App for Prayers, Events, Donations, etc.

Objective 3.7    Coordinate Opportunities with the Music Team to facilitate special concerts, events, audio recordings, and community grants


Goal 4. Facilitate Opportunities to Create Spiritual Growth

Objective 4.1    Cultivate and build a strong working relationship with the local Unity Churches, Centers for Spiritual Living, and Interfaith Groups

Objective 4.2    Two Services: 9:00am (Traditional) and 11:00am (Modern) and consider adding a Spanish speaking service

Objective 4.3    Include more types of Holidays, such as Hanukkah, Diwali, etc

Objective 4.4    Add a Spanish Speaking Ministry

Objective 4.5    Continue to Support and Grow the Teen and Youth Ministry

Objective 4.6    Increase Presence of the Recovery Ministry and 12 Step Groups

Objective 4.7    Resume and Support Small Groups

Objective 4.8    Offer a Class to all New Members in the 5 Principles of Unity

                           Objective 4.9 Continue to Support Online Community through Facebook Live, Youtube, etc.

The Five Basic Principles

Explore Unity’s five basic principles: What is Unity

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