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At Unity San Diego, we are committed to promote the spiritual growth of our community by teaching the value of giving of time, talent and treasures.



SHARE YOUR TIME:  Prayer Support

Pray with Us!  As a church community, we invite you to daily prayer.  Our confidential prayer ministry line is (619) 282-7609. 

Our Daily Word Hotline is (619) 281-LOVE (5683).  Chaplains are also available on Sundays before and after both services.




SHARE YOUR TALENTS:  Volunteer in Sacred Service

Our belief is that as we choose to serve, the impact of that service will change lives - for those serving and for the people we serve.  

Please for sacred service opportunities, please contact Rebecca





SHARE YOUR TREASURE:  Tithes and love offerings

Is prosperity more than money?

What role does ownership and commitment play in living a life of abundance? 

How does being involved in my church community impact me, my family, my community and the world? 

Unity San Diego is ceducate our spiritual community about prosperity consciousness and how it creates abundance for us, our families, and the ministry. 

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