Music Ministry

You're invited to sing with our choir!

September 2022 Update:

We are happy to announce that the choir is now preparing music for In Person performances once again now that the Covid epidemic has gotten under better control.

We welcome singers to join us. Our new schedule for practice and performance will be announced in the near future after plans are finalized, but presently we are considering singing only once or twice a month and having choir practices about twice a month.

If you are interested in more information, contact our Music Director, Ron Councell by email.

From 2020 til September 2022 . . . 

During the Covid epidemic 2020 we began having our Sunday services live online on our Facebook page instead of in person. We found a wonderful way to continue having choir remotely when we created our Virtual Choir. We grew as a choir and welcomed members
from other parts of the world as well as from San Diego area.

Many of our past performances (both Virtual and In Person) are posted here on our Community page.

Our choir at one of our Christmas Concerts.

Choir before Covid


. . . and here is our Unity San Diego's Virtual Choir which preformed several times from 2020-2022!


Virtual Choir

Ron Councell

Ron Councell, Unity San Diego Music Ministry Director

A world traveled musician, Ron’s experience and training comes from years of practical application in many genres of music. He is an accomplished Musical Director and accompanist with great experience in arranging, directing, conducting and performing in professional productions throughout the world. 


Music Team on stage









The Music Team

We have a team of talented musicians and singers who creatively put together the gathering music and participate when the choir is off duty. They often perform our special music segment and the offertory.


Gathering Music

Come to service early on Sunday and experience a prayerful time of beautiful music and chants. Deepen your experience of the presence of God with music.


(the following post was written before Covid ... )

Visit from Jennifer Ferrin

On my recent visit to Unity of San Diego, I was amazed and overjoyed at the quality and level of musicianship of their music team.

The first thing I noticed was that the set up on the platform was VERY impressive; every singer had their own microphone, monitor, and music stand.

The second thing I noticed was the warm, friendly vibe that they had with each other and with me.  Everyone was welcoming, loving, respectful and there on time!

The third and most important thing I noticed; they had all done their homework and were absolutely ready to go when it came time to run my music. During the actual service, everyone was spot on and did an incredible job! Everything flowed effortlessly and seamlessly.

Thank you to Ron Councell, the music director, as well as the rest of the team, for being so professional and for doing an outstanding job. I can't wait to come back soon and bring more music!  These people rocked my world!

Jennifer Ferrin