Classes and Events

Unity San Diego has a lot going on!
This page highlights many of our events with links to more information and registration.

This Class will include: Beginner Meditation with Visualization & Mindful Breathing for Grounding & Clarity
Natural Self-Healing Technique: Sound healing; Memory recall & Vision enhancement exercises;

Tapping (EFT Emotional Freedom Technique); EMDR (Reprogramming the Brain)

Raising your vibrational (Ch)I; Releasing negative energy (Chi)
Energy Vampires (absorbing or draining)
The 7 Chakras: Behaviors & Attitudes that alter your health
Rate your Emotional Maturity
RR&R Journaling for self-discovery (Review, Release, Rebuild)
Reiki for all

Suggested Love offering: $10 per class (50% will go to Unity San Diego)

This is an ongoing class. To enroll contact the church at
or call the church office at (619) 280-2501, ext 102.


Have you spent years dealing with (or trying to ignore) the residual pain of old hurts?
Do you secretly feel that some things can never be forgiven?
Has your life been "on hold" for too long?

If you answer "yes" to any of these questions, this powerful class is for you. Forgiveness is the key to health, prosperity, love and spiritual growth.
Through exercises and meditation we will learn why forgiveness is essential,

and we will access tools that will help us to dissolve the barriers that prevent us from living a life of peace, joy, health and abundance.

Love offering.

For more information contact Rev. Gretchen at



Please join us for our first Town Hall/ Community Forum in 2022. This will be a hybrid event in person and on Zoom.

Our Board of Directors are working on new initiatives for our church, and they would like your suggestions.

Please join us at 12 noon (PDT) on Sunday, May 22nd in Wrigley Hall and on Zoom
as we work together to create a new, improved Unity San Diego.

Finger food will be provided for those who are in person.

A zoom link will be provided before the meeting to those attending online.
For more information contact Rev. Karla at or 619-218-6135.


The Arts & Craft Group will be having a Father’s Day and Patriotic Mini Sale
on Sunday, June 19th from 11-12PM in Wrigley Hall.

We will be featuring gifts for Dad, decorations, men’s jewelry,
greeting cards, novelty items and more.



Daily Prayer & Meditation

Join us for morning Prayer Meditation on Facebook Live, 
Monday thru Friday mornings at 9am (PDT).

A great way to start your day! And all our meditations are saved on our YouTube page,
for later listning to, or relistening to your favorites.



Sunday Services

Now there are 3 ways to enjoy our Sunday morning services! 
Join us In-Person at the church for Sunday morning service followed by fellowship in Wrigley Hall and the courtyard; or join us by watching our Facebook Live Sunday Services on our Facebook page;
or watch our archived services on our YouTube channel.

While it is wonderful to be in person again, there are some guidelines we must follow. 
Please ask others before hugging or touching.

We know as more people become vaccinated that these guidelines will change
and more people will be able to attend our services.
We will keep you posted with all updates and look forward to seeing you soon.

More information will be posted in our weekly e-News.

If you know anyone who might not be receiving this information, please contact the church
or call the church office at (619) 280-2501, ext 102.

Sunday services at Unity San Diego will leave you feeling inspired, blessed,
and ready to experience the fullness of life from an empowered perspective.

Each Sunday service includes:

Heart-felt and positive music

A message that speaks to your heart and mind

Meditation to soothe the soul

Prayer to uplift your consciousness

The vibrancy of an engaged spiritual community.


Everlasting Serenity Spiritual Recovery Ministry

Presently and through til June 9th, we will expand the study of the 12-Steps to include spiritual processes.

Author Esther Nicholson states, “Soul Recovery takes the essence of the 12-Steps
and incorporates widely-accepted spiritual practices with a deeply compassionate approach.”

Please join us on Thursdays at 7pm (PT) as we delve into twelve weeks of recovery and spirituality.
While this ministry is primarily for those who are in recovery and families
whose lives have been touched by addiction, you do not have to be in recovery
to be a part of The Everlasting Serenity Spiritual Recovery Ministry. 

For more information contact the church at 

or call the church office at (619) 280-2501, ext 102.





YFM Sunday Morning Classes

We have what is referred to as a one-room schoolhouse meeting on the 5th floor of the Tower on Sundays at 10am.
At that time, all of our young people are together during the lessons for in-person learning.
Teaching our young people about service, compassion, empathy
and love is in alignment with our Unity principles.

We look forward to an exciting activities and lessons.
The UniTeen/YOU Thursday game night once/week will continue on Zoom
until young people decide they no longer want to participate.

For more information contact the church at or call the church office at (619) 280-2501, ext 102.



The first Sunday of the month we will have a Family Sunday Service.
The children sit with their family during the 10am service. 

During these services some of our young people will be involved.
Masks are recommended not required.
For more information contact the church at or call the church office at (619) 280-2501, ext 102.