Board of Directors

A Letter from a Board Member, Sept/Oct 2015

I remember the first time I was asked if I would like to become a board member, I said I would think about it. A few days later I said, “yes.” My first meeting I will never forget all the things that were going through my mind for example “Is this something I can do?” But right away, what impressed me most was how well this group of people worked together.

It is truly a blessing to be in the company of like-minded people that have inspired me to expand my mind, and my vision on how the church operates.

One of the things that impressed me most was the process in hiring Evelyn Foreman as our new Associate Minister, who is a true blessing to our church community. I do look forward to working on future projects with Evelyn and our current board members in building a stronger church community.

I would like to take the time to thank Meredith for her active role in organizing “gal’s night out”, and all of the various trips, local and overseas that our members have enjoyed.

Thank you for SERVING.                                                                                                      

Viola Scott, Board Member


2015 Unity San Diego Board of Directors

Sharla Barry, President

Judy Winkler, Vice-President

Traci Pavlas, Secretary

Carla Manson, Treasurer

Rob Hardesty, Member

Viola Scott, Member

Diana Proud-Madruga, Member

Merrick McCartha, Member

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Letter from a Board Member
How is 2015 Progressing for You?

Awareness…….Meditation………….Prayer…………..what comes to mind when you read these words?

Awareness: Spirit is always working with us to become more aware of the I AM presence in our lives.

Meditation: Listening to Spirit/God to experience the still small voice.

Prayer: How is prayer different than meditation? Prayer is talking to Spirit/God and sharing your gratitude and requests.

How do I become more aware of the Spirit’s leading and guidance? I have found this past year by beginning my day reading the Daily Word, followed by listening for the still, quiet voice has increased my awareness, brought renewed peace, guidance and joy.
As a Board Member, my awareness has increased by learning of countless opportunities at Unity San Diego to serve and experience the blessings in serving. What is God/Spirit calling you to do? Invite a friend, sing in the choir, help in the kitchen, help at the Homeless Shelter, serve at the tea? The list is endless. My expe-rience is you can’t out give God.

White Stone Sunday reminded me I AM one with the I AM. Take the time to be still and listen and share your gratitude……………you will be blessed over and over again.

Sharla Barry, Board President


                Board CEO Rev. Blair Tabor


                Board Secretary Traci Pavlas


                Board Member Rob Hardesty


Letter from the Board - Is our church an Ivory Tower?

“Ivory Tower” from the on-line site, Wikipedia defines the term: as a world or atmosphere where intellectuals engage in pursuits that are disconnected from the practical concerns of everyday life.

We would not describe our church this way, but our surrounding community might.  Residents of the community around us, who are not members or attendees of Unity San Diego, may look at our campus and only see a tower and surrounding buildings.  Would they see us as a resource for their community?

The signs outside indicate our involvement with Neighborhood House and Head Start as well as a commitment to education through City Heights Prep.  And, we have participated for decades with a multitude of activities and organizations that provide food and shelter; mental health and substance abuse assistance; justice and safety aid as well as education and economic support.  What next?

We recently conducted a survey with congregants to find out which areas of concern we can focus on this year, and are preceding to lay plans for projects we can tackle.  As our plans take shape, your Board of Directors will appreciate the input of ideas, volunteers and prayers toward the day when residents nearby will see Unity as a light in their midst – a caring resource that just happens to include a tall building.

Thanks and blessings to you for your participation!

Michael Barry