Board of Directors

Unity San Diego Board Members

Rev. Edith, Senior Minister

Cathie, President

Billiekai, Vice President

Sheryl, Secretary

Ken, Treasurer

Flor, Director

Carla, Director

Michael, Alternate

Letter from a fromer Board Member - Rashna

My time in service on the Unity San Diego Board has been one of laughter, learning, discovery, and ful llment. Each member brings their own unique and valued personality with a high degree of integrity and service; our open hearts and open minds lend themselves to productive meetings and creative solutions. This board could surely serve as a role model to other associations which are looking for more cohesiveness and dignity in their attempts to run a business, organization, or... even a country, let’s say.

I especially notice how so many elements of the life of this church intersect and overlap:

  • Our minister’s Sunday talks coincide directly with the Small Groups’ study of the corresponding lesson for that week.
  • The Marketing Committee’s agenda addresses the upcoming Music Ministry’s Summer concert and is creating a streamlined procedure for   promoting any activity, class, or event on the church calendar and website.
  • The Transitional Leadership team is working with both the ministerial and of ce staff to create a new, dynamic, and ef cient system of business-as-usual.
  • Our Mission-Centric Team is coming up with many avenues for ful lling our church community’s mission statement including fellowship in small groups, training meditation leaders, supporting a recovery ministry, forming new interest groups, and offering “voluntourism” opportunities near and far.

This church works because we integrate all its many facets together when we enter into the power of meditation and prayer. These two gifts are tools which can carry us closer to that awareness of our Oneness with each other, our Unity in church, and the ever-present connection to the One Highest Source of Being, the God of Love.

May the God of Love continue to shine through our lives and through the life of this church. Amen.

Submitted with Love,