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April 29, 2021

Letter from the Board President, Billiekai Boughton
Hello Beloved Unity Family!

I’m so excited that I will get to see you all again soon! I’ve missed being with you this last year in our spiritual community to worship and learn together, so June is going to feel like a homecoming!

It is thrilling that we’re going to be doing an Easter in June celebration. What a joyous way to celebrate our reentry into our community!

Looking back over this year that we’ve been apart it is striking to see the effect that this isolation has had on family, friends, the earth, and our collective spirit. Many studies have been done on the health effects of loneliness and isolation and we’ve learned that being alone for this long isn’t just hard on our spirit, it is also hard on our health. The coming togetherness of this Summer promises to be good for the body, mind, and spirit. I can’t wait, and neither can Dipper! He misses his humans.

Until we meet again I am extending extra love, light, and kindness to each of you. Stay, healthy, strong, and hopeful!

Big love,
Billiekai & Dipper
Unity San Diego Board Member