Board of Directors

Unity San Diego Board Members

Rev. Edith, Senior Minister

Cathie, President

Billiekai, Vice President

Sheryl, Secretary

Michael, Treasurer

Flor, Director

Carla, Director

Ken, Alternate

Amy, Alternate


Letter from the Board Vice President, Billiekai Boughton

“You cannot force a rose to bloom,” my grandmother would respond while we impatiently urged her to hurry up. She has to fix her hair, put on her eye lashes, stockings, fancy shoes for going out, and naturally she had to switch all of the contents of her handbag from one to another to ensure that it matched the entire ensemble. This statement would be followed by the heavy sighs of grandchildren that were ready for a ride in the car and ice cream. Even in these small family moments, Divine Order was in place. There was a natural progression to her getting ready, stockings and then shoes...not the other way around. Just as there was a natural progression to the growth of a rose. Seed, to sprout, to adult, to flower and the magic arrives with a sweet scent. The rose cannot be rushed. Likewise, the will of God cannot be rushed. Divine timing is an important progression in our lives, each step leading us to the next, and the next, until we are ready for the bloom that the Divine unfolds for us to enjoy, love, and become enchanted with its beauty. May the process of nature today remind us to be patient with our lives as they grow at their own spiritual pace, remembering that some of us grow faster than others. Nature is ever patient and tolerant, and I pray that we extend that boundless grace both to ourselves and each other.

Big love and big blessings, Billiekai Boughton
Unity Board Vice President