Board of Directors

Board Members

Our Board Members as of March 2023 are:

President - Maria Garcia
Vice President - Sheryl Sabin
Secretary - Eduardo Cervantes
Treasurer - Carla Manson
Director - Julie Linville
Director - E'luna Padilla
First Alternate - Bob Arveson
Second Alternate - Scott Edwards

Board Members March 2023


New! Now you can email the Board!

Since we’re now hybrid we want to make sure all of our members can talk with the Board.
Contact us by email.
Send us your feedback. We’re here for you.

Let us know if you have any questions.

With gratitude,

Unity San Diego Board


Board Meeting Notes

If you are an active member of Unity San Diego and would like to receive a copy of the Board meeting minutes each month, please send your full name and email address to our church office by using this contact form.

We will add you to a Google Docs where the Board minutes and any important information from the board will be posted.


MARCH 2023

Letter from the Board President, Maria Garcia

Hello Fellow Sparks of Divinity! 

With the winter holidays over, we look forward to Spring. We ignore much of the in between time. Spring is about renewal and rebirth, while many only see Winter as bleak.

I offer a unique look. Some plants can’t fruit until it’s cold enough or there’s a frost. Let this be an opportunity to spend time in introspection. To explore the deeper parts of our spiritual life. To reconnect with the divine within. See this as a quiet time for inner growth and preparation for new life.

Moving forward through this ‘in between’ time, I invite you to reflect on your spiritual gifts. What are you willing to share with this spiritual community and the world at large? What is spirit calling you to step up to? It might be volunteering. Perhaps running for the board. Maybe it’s as simple as sharing one of our social media posts.

Prepare yourself for renewal. Prepare for rebirth. You are part of a community that is ready for your spiritual blossoming. Come grow with us.

Much Love,
Maria Garcia, Board President