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Dear Reader,

Here you have links to some of the best metaphysical literature there is.

Classic works by Charles Fillmore, Myrtle Fillmore, Emile Cady and John Rankin.

Please enjoy these and share them with others.

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Your Invisible Power



These ideas will energize you!




New Testament interpretation



Bible KJV   


Christain Healing           Good solid metaphysics




This is a great compilation of Fillmore's writings!




You can connect with spiritual healing power.




A great study of Fillmore's ideas.




             by Emilee Cady





Old Testament interpretation.




Metaphysical Bible Dictionary     The ultimate document for interpreting the Bible.





A compilation of excerpts of prayer letters written by Myrtle Fillmore.


Mysteries of Genesis    Learn about the inner meanings of all the early Bible characters.





Enter into a deeper understanding of this special gospel.





God's abundance is available to you!





          Meanings of spiritual terms.





           Good collection of lessons.





  Deepen your prayer experience.






      Considered advanced study.


What Unity Teaches    by John Rankin


Your Hope of Glory


The Cloud of Unknowing