Prayer Ministry

Welcome to our Prayer Ministry…

If you would like to pray, please contact our Prayer Ministry. Our dedicated and faith-filled Prayer Workers are continuously in prayer surrounding you and your prayer request in God’s love.

You may call us at 619-282-7609.  Prayer workers are at the phone Mon-Fri Noon to 9pm.

Send us your prayer request by mail here at the church 3770 Altadena Ave. San Diego, CA. 92105 or e-mail us at All prayer requests are confidential.


God Knows the Answer
I question not God’s means or ways, or how He uses time or days
To answer every call or prayer; I know He will, somehow, somewhere.
I question not the time or place, when I shall feel His love and grace:
I only know that I believe, and richest blessings shall receive.
I cannot doubt the He’ll attend my every call, and that He’ll send
A ministering angel fair, in answer to my faithful prayer.
F. B. Whitney

Lovely March, a time of renewal, a time of new growth, a time of being all that we can be of the Christ consciousness. As daylight lengthens, so does our time of activity. One activity is taking time to sit in the silence. To sit in the warm sunlight and soak in the love and wisdom of God, seeing it flow through all our activities. The urge to connect with Divine Mind seems to increase when all nature is bursting forth with new growth. As fortunate Southern California residents, we have had this growth awareness since the early rains last December. Hillsides usually brown in the fall became green by Christmas. Likewise our own internal sense of growth begins and continues on in this season moving toward Easter. We are fortunate that the external world reminds us of the eternal growth which goes on internally bringing us new joy, new peace, new compassion. Thank you Mother, Father God for the wonders of this earth and for the wonders of our divine body temples rejoicing in new life this spring.

Your Prayer Ministry delights in praying with you. Call us often and join us in St. Luke's Chapel once each month on the second Wednesday at 11am. 

Loving Blessings, Your Prayer Ministry

“For where two or more are gathered together in my name, there I am in the midst of them.”
Matthew 18:20


Healings Abound as Prayers are Answered

Unity San Diego Prayer Partners
are Grateful for Answered Prayers

Every so often the Prayer Ministry would like to share with you’re the heartfelt thanks for answered prayer.

“What a blessing to know when problems come to each of us, to know our phone is so close…healing has taken place for me, my loved ones, friends and strangers, too.”
“I never dreamed I’d have all this. Thank you for healing prayers.
I can eat whatever I want.”
“You feed my spirit and soul and help me to remember who I am.”
“You help me to remember how God sees me, perfect, healthy, rich, peaceful and joyful.”
I am grateful for the peace, comfort and faith your prayers provide for me.”
“ I know all prayers are answered.”
“My husband is doing very well after surgery near his brain.”
“He has had no hallucinations for four weeks.”
“Thank you for reminding me that I am always in the Light. I have much to be grateful for.”
“Every prayer was answered in God’s wonderful plan of right order.”
“God is filling my needs through faith and patience.”
“My family relationships have improved and so has my health.”
“My new home is wonderful and I am grateful.”
“My right foot and leg are completely well- a wonderful healing!”

We love to support you in prayer and joyfully acknowledge your Christ- presence within.  Our workers delight in hearing of your answered prayers.  Call us often and join us in St. Luke’s Chapel each month on the second Wednesday at 11am. 

Wondrous blessings of peace, love and joy, Your Prayer Ministry


Love Forever by Joni Buehner

If I were the trees....I would turn my leaves to gold and scatter them toward the
sky so they would circle about your head and fall in piles at your feet...
so you might wonder
If I were the mountains...I would crumble down and lift you up so you could see all of my secret places, where the rivers flow and the animals run wild...
so you might know freedom If I were the ocean...I would raise you onto my gentle waves and carry you across the seas to swim with the whales and the dolphins in the moonlit waters, so you might know peace.
If I were the stars...I would sparkle like never before and fall from the sky as gentle rain,
so that you would always look towards heaven and know that you can reach the stars.
If I were the moon...I would scoop you up and sail you through the sky and show you the Earth below in all its wonder and beauty, so you might know that all the Earth is at your command.
If I were the sun...I would warm and glow like never before
and light the sky with orange and pink,
so you would gaze upward and always know the glory of heaven.
But I am me...and since I am the one who loves you,
I will wrap you in my arms and kiss you
and love you with all of my heart.
And this I will do until...the mountains crumble down...and the oceans dry up…
and the stars fall from the sky...and the sun and the moon burn out...
And that is forever love.

Monthly Affirmation

Abundance flows to you and
through you for the highest good of all!