Our Mission, Vision, and Values

Our Vision:

"We envision positive spiritual change in our world."

Our Mission:

"To empower better lives through spiritual transformation."

Core Values

We commit to these core values:

Balanced Living - We promote balance, joyfully embracing life and all its opportunities. We claim authentic, creative and heartfelt connections with God and each other. We achieve this balance of mind, body and spirit through the practice of Unity's teachings of Practical Christianity.

Education is a cornerstone of our church. We are dedicated to providing the best possible programs to benefit our neighborhood, congregants of all ages, and the students of the Unity Seminary.

Diversity and Acceptance – We honor and respect people of all ages, races, colors, religions, lifestyles, and social backgrounds. We honor the many names of God, the many paths to God, and ways to worship God. At Christ Church Unity, we affirm world peace and the spiritual oneness of all humanity.

Joy – We are inspired to celebrate God's joy through Creative Expression: art, drama, music, song, and dance. We encourage fun and laughter to fill our activities.

Community Partnerships – We are taking a leadership role to support our community by innovatively creating programs and participating in existing services. We go into our community to serve people, programs and corporations.

Prosperity – We teach and demonstrate God’s uplifting principles of circulation and unlimited abundance. We demonstrate prosperity consciousness through sound business practices in our organization.

World Peace – We believe that world peace can be achieved through the practice of loving prayer, positive service and living God’s laws.

Integrity – We strive for leadership and personal development based on responsibility for our own actions and responsibility in our interactions with others. We model accountability and ask for it from others.