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Reverend Karla Lightner

Rev. Karla Lightner
Rev. Karla Lightner

I am honored and humbly grateful that you have chosen me as your minister. We are embarking on a new adventure here at Unity San Diego, and I trust that you are as excited as I am.

You might wonder if I have a vision for our church. I envision our church becoming the Mission-Centric Ministry that we have been planning to become. Mission-Centric means not only having a shared mission, but empowering others to be part of a team. This means that we encourage others, and allow them to lead and take on responsibilities in the areas that they excel in. No one person can do everything best. We all do some things better than others. By putting aside worries that others may do something better, we each grow individually, and our church family grows.

As we enter the summer months, I will share the platform with guest speakers Rev. Gretchen Pena and Rev. Ken Fendrick who will make his speaking debut on Father’s Day. We will be focusing on faith, change, and prosperity.

During the next week we will be sending out a Sermon Survey. I would love to know what topics are of interest to you.

As we begin our adventure, I invite you friends to remember that Spirit is always present moving us to our greater good. As we open and allow ourselves to receive this good, we are Divinely guided and blessed.

Love and Many Blessings!

Rev. Karla Lightner, Minister



Reverend Gretchen Peña, Minister Emeritus

Rev. Gretchen
Reverend Gretchen Peña


Reverend Karla Lightner