Our Minister

Reverend Denese Schellink

Our new transitional minister/consultant is Rev. Denese Schellink from Santa

Barbara where her husband Larry is the minister of Unity of Santa Barbara. 

Rev. Denise has many years of experience as a Unity Minister and has been

a transitional minister since 2011. She was one of the people who prepared

our board for this transition we are experiencing. We are most fortunate that

she became available!


Rev. Denese’s vision is: To serve as Spiritual Leader of a spiritual community that is

committed to transformation, through education, inspiration, cooperation and building

a culture of peace as a path to spiritual growth. I give full expression to my spiritual

gifts finding balance, joy and harmony in a community that is eager to know the

Divine more fully. 


Rev. Denese will be joining us one weekend a month during the transitional process.