Angels in the Wings

Working together as loving and compassionate volunteers, Angels in the Wings:

Arranges the Necessary Gifts to Enrich the Lives

of those in our church family who are in need, creating and sharing abundance and love.

The Angels in the Wings are loving individuals with a variety of talents who wait “in the wings” until their services are required, and then step forward to assist members of our church family in need.

Perhaps someone needs a helping hand to run errands or deliver a meal after a medical procedure, or they may need the support of our church family after the loss of a loved one. Sometimes people may even need the help of the whole community in order to rebuild a home or business after a fire.

Jesus taught us that, as long as we share what we have with one another, there is abundance enough for everyone.

The Angels in the Wings now host a confidential telephone help line. If you or someone you know from our church has a critical need, please call 619-280-2501, and leave a message. Make sure to give your name, number, and the nature of the assistance requested. Your needs will be addressed as quickly and confidentially as possible.

For more information about the Angels in the Wings, of if you’d like to become an Angel, please contact Patti Horwath at We thank you for your interest and know that God is blessings you for the work you are willing to give.