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Toddlers through teens explore Unity Principles at an age appropriate level using metaphysical interpretations of the Bible & other resources. We creatively experience these lessons through music, science, drama, art and games. This "living Curriculum" is designed to provide children with a "spiritual toolbox" that they can use throughout life.

Youth & Family Ministry

Hello Everyone,

I am guessing that most of us did NOT grow up in Unity. Am I correct?

If you will, for just a moment, remember back when you were a child and someone called you “ugly, too fat, too skinny, too short, too tall” or something like that, and you went to your parent or other adult and they told you “Don’t worry honey, it’s not how you look that matters its what’s  inside that counts”.  If you were like me, your reaction was “What does that mean?!” It really didn’t help, did it? And who knows how our self esteem and belief system were affected by those cruel comments we received as children.

Now think back again, please, to that same situation, but this time you know that God is inside you, - that you are an Anointed Child of God.  You know that you are a Spiritual Being who chose to be in a physical body, and you are positive that God loves you just the way you are.  You know exactly what it is that is inside you that counts. How would your self esteem and belief system be affected then?

Teaching our children about God’s Love, our Divine Inheritance, and Unity teachings and principles at an early age, instilling it in them, gives them a firm foundation in life. It is the best gift we can give our children or anyone for that matter. Wouldn’t you agree?!

Here at Unity San Diego we believe that no one is too young to learn about their Divinity. Through Unity lessons, songs, creative expression and play we teach our youth from birth-18yrs just how wonderfully unique they are every Sunday.

 If you have been attending Unity San Diego regularly for six months, and would like to share your gifts and talents with our wonderful children, please call me at 619-218-6135, or email me at  HYPERLINK "" so we can talk about how you can become a part of our wonderful Youth & Family Ministry Team.

Love & Blessings!


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Our Mission:
To create safe, loving, and fun environments where children and teens can explore their relationship with God; where each individual journey to self-awareness/God awareness is honored.

Our Vision:
Our vision is that each child know and experience that they are loved and supported by a community of faith that holds them precious, unique and irreplaceable; that each child become aware of God within them, and know that with God’s help they have the power to create an amazing life.

Our Youth and Family Ministry Department serves youth of all ages every Sunday at 10 am. Please contact Karla Lightner at 619-218-6135 or for more information.

Nursery – Newborn – 2 years old
Unitots – Ages 3-5 years
Unikids – Grades 1-3
Unitweens – Grades 4-5

Our Teen Ministry
        Uniteens – Grades 6-8
        Y.O.U. (Youth of Unity) - Grades 9-12

Childcare is available for those attending church at our 10am service. We offer nursery and age-appropriate classes at 10am.