The Wisdom to Visualize

Dearest Unity CommUnity,

I have been in continuous prayer without ceasing. This means every word I think and say is a prayer.

If I have a negative or unloving thought come up, I immediately change it to a positive loving affirmative thought. Each of us are called to put into action our Unity Principles and beliefs now.

Every time we have a fear, a concern, worry or any thought that is not a "Truth" changed to an affirmative thought. We still need to take safety precautions of hand washing for 20 seconds, creating social distancing, coughing or sneezing into our elbow amongst other measures to keep not only ourselves safe but also for our family, friends, those over 65, and so on. This is a grand opportunity for us to take care of each other on a broader basis, as we have seen in the past few days.

We can know the power is within each of us to visualize and see a very rapid response to testing for Corona Virus with speed and efficiency. We can visualize everyone in this country and worldwide being restored to perfect health and wholeness. You are invited to join us via livestreaming on our website, our Unity San Diego You Tube live or Facebook live for this weeks lesson, "The Wisdom to Visualize." 


Rev. Edith