We Move for Joy - Rev Blair Tabor - 12-17-2017

We Move for Joy”                                               12-17-17


Shepherds rejoice! -> MOVE!



Unembarrassed joy - Joseph Cardinal Ratzinger/Pope Benedict  from “Salt of the Earth”


"Something I constantly notice is that unembarrassed joy has become rarer. Joy today is increasingly saddled with moral and ideological burdens, so to speak. When someone rejoices, he is afraid of offending against solidarity with the many people who suffer. I don't have any right to rejoice, people think, in a world where there is so much misery, so much injustice.


I can understand that. There is a moral attitude at work here. But this attitude is nonetheless wrong. The loss of joy does not make the world better - and, conversely, refusing joy for the sake of suffering does not help those who suffer. The contrary is true. The world needs people who discover the good, who rejoice in it and thereby derive the impetus and courage to do good. Joy, then, does not break with solidarity. When it is the right kind of joy, when it is not egotistic, when it comes from the perception of the good, then it wants to communicate itself, and it gets passed on. In this connection, it always strikes me that in the poor neighborhoods of, say, South America, one sees many more laughing happy people than among us. Obviously, despite all their misery, they still have the perception of the good to which they cling and in which they can find encouragement and strength.


In this sense we have a new need for that primordial trust which ultimately only faith can give. That the world is basically good, that God is there and is good. That it is good to live and to be a human being. This results, then, in the courage to rejoice, which in turn becomes commitment to making sure that other people, too, can rejoice and receive good news."



Joy is always appropriate.


Joy lightens our mood, load, countenance.


Joy considered “lightweight”


Scripture Philippians 4:4  ‘Rejoice in the Lord always! Again I will say, “Rejoice!”’


Joy is renewing and renewable.


“The deeper that sorrow carves into your being, the more joy you can contain.” Gibran


Psychologists on joy: we give weight to negative experiences & positive experiences lose their zing…

Sharing joy increases joy



Polarity: be taken seriously – enjoy life


 Scrooge: I will honor Christmas in my heart and try to keep it all the year.”

     Choose to align with joy and joyful folks.

     Honor Spirit as joy in you, in all.


K.S. “Where ever I am, I am an instrument of joy.”

Affirmation “I am an instrument of joy.”


Shepherds rejoice -> MOVE



“Anything or anyone that does not bring you alive is too small for you.”   David Whyte


From Christ Enthroned in Man by Cora Dedrick Fillmore, Chapter 13, page 94


But in grasping these spiritual powers we should not make hard work of it.  Often metaphysicians are so bent on their spiritual demonstrations that they squeeze the joy and freedom out of life.  A joyful, carefree heart is one of the most valuable assets in demonstrating health and wholeness.  Exalted joy is coordinate with gratitude and praise, and it is the consciousness abounding in gratitude and praise that directly relates us to God so that we may be awakened and thrilled with the creative impulses of Divine Mind. 


Jubilate – to have or express great joy: jubilating


Let joy through

Rev. Judy – “Ha” exercise


Dig up the crusty, rusty artifacts embedded in your soul


Affirmation “I am an instrument of joy.”


 “When you do things from your soul, you feel a river moving in you, a joy.” ― Rumi


Results: strength/resilience: like tree bending


Joy moments/encounters all along your way!


Move, dance, wiggle! – for joy – Re-birth