We are all in this together!

We are all connected.  Sometimes we feel separate.  Sometimes we wish we could separate.  The truth of the universe is that we are all a part of one thing.  Whatever you are thinking, the energy of those thoughts is registered in the energy fields of others.  Whatever you do, the energy with which you do it touches others.

When we operate from this awareness, we can make each moment a moment of blessing.  Let your thoughts be thoughts of lovingkindness toward others.  Yes, they will make mistakes and not live up to your expectations.  Your negative thoughts about them drag them down more.  Lift them up in your thoughts.  Think of the divine light within them.  Bless them with thoughts of quickened spiritual evolution.  Bless their bodies with the healing life energy of Providence.  Bless their activities with order and divine justice.  Bless the people in their lives with wisdom and love.  Imagine them whole, well, joyful, grateful and peaceful.  Each time you do this, the world is a better place for all, including you.

Don't let the hole in your consciousness bring somebody else down.  Don't let the hole in someone else's consciousness bring you down.  Be on the side of Spirit.  Be on the side of peace.  Be on the side of light.  Your light will help raise us all to greater good.  I see and believe in the light that you are!

Bountiful blessings!

Reverend Blair