Unity Convention

Next week, Unity people from around the world will gather for this year's Unity People's Convention in San Antonio, Texas.  Meredith and I will be going to join ministers and lay people from many countries.  Unity has abuot 800 formal and informal groups, centers, churches, and meetings in many different countries.  Some of my favorite people are the minsiters and Licensed Unity Teachers form Nigeria.  They are so alive with the presence of God!  It makes me smile just to think of them.

i invite you to pray for all who are traveling to the convention.  Affirm their safety, clear guidance and a deep connection with all others who attend.

One of the sub-themes this year is about using social media.  This is an area that I have been relunctant to enter, but here I am doing a blog.  We also received a grant from the Unity Church of Alhambra Foundation to purchase equipment to live stream our Sunday services.  We have the equipment.  We will be testing it and hopefully will be live streaming in a few weeks.  All of this to help share and spread the message of God's love and peace to more around the world.

God is in you to shine light to your world.

Bountiful blessings!

Reverend Blair