Seeing with the Eyes of Spirit

Our vision of others impacts us and them.  You can hold a vision of the highest and best for others.  This lifts you up as well as them.  Last Sunday I shared the powerful poem, "I Behold the Christ in You."

Think of someone you want to bless or someone that you have challenges with.  As you think of this person, read this poem aloud or silently last least three times a day for three weeks and watch what happens.


I Behold the Christ in You

          by Frank B. Whitney


I behold the Christ in You.

Here the perfect life I see.

I can see a great peace too,

I can see you whole and free.


I behold the Christ in you.

I can see this as you walk.

I see this in all you do.

I can see this as you talk.


I behold God’s love expressed.

I can see you filled with power.

I can see you ever blessed,

See Christ in you hour by hour.


I behold the Christ in you.

I can see that perfect one.

Led by God in all you do,

I can see God’s work is done.


Bountiful blessings!

Reverend Blair