See Something More

Ours eyes focus on what is familiar to us.  What we are used to perceiving registers in our mind more quickly what something unfamiliar.

As you look at the graphic with this blog.  Do you see a sax player with a big nose or the face of a woman?  

As you look at life, do you see the same-old-same-old stuff, or are you open to perceiving that Spirit is in, behind and working through all things?

Look within your heart.  Look within your soul.  There is a deeper part of you that can bring forth God's greater good in every situation.  See the divine light that shines in you.  See that light shine for blessings in our world. 

See what ways you have to perceive and experience the world in transformative ways.  See something more!


Bountiful blessings!

Reverend Blair