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The 2018 Unity Interfaith Shelter needs your help!

     Unity San Diego will be hosting the final two weeks of the shelter for the homeless (known by us as guests) this year between Sunday afternoon, March 25th and Sunday morning, April 8th. The guests we have served in the past have deeply appreciated the warm reception and caring service our church has provided. Your loving help is needed again for this year’s shelter. It takes over 60 volunteers to run our splendid shelter!! Sign up in Wrigley Hall on Sunday, January 21st or Sunday, January 28th or Sunday, February 11th, 2018 or call the numbers listed below.


     Last year, 60 congregations like ours provided assistance for over 300 guests in seven regions of San Diego county. Each church provided a bed at night, hot evening family-style meals, beverages, snacks and breakfast. Guests leave the shelter each morning with a sack lunch while they work, go to school, search for work and take care of their needs.


     We will need volunteers to provide service to the guests by cooking evening meals, supporting their needs in the evening and staying with them overnight and providing assistance with their departure in the morning. Weekend help with laundry transportation is also needed. We also need set-up help on Saturday, March 24th and tear-down help on Sunday, April 8th. We also need contributions totaling $1100.00 for food and supplies. 


     Mandatory Training dates for all volunteers are at 10am in St. Luke's on Sundays, February 18th or February 25th or March 4th or March 18th. Please attend one for information and updates.


     Please Note: Because of the Hepatitis A outbreak in San Diego, the law counsel, R.L. Dreher, for Interfaith Shelter Network says " Given this "public health emergency", I believe and recommend that IFSN can and should require that its participants, hosts, volunteers, and beneficiaries be vaccinated for Hep-A before availing themselves of IFSN's facilities and services." (Wrigley Hall bulletin board has full report). There are 2 shots 6 months apart. The first provides at least 90% protection. Please check with your health care provider. Kaiser provides free vaccines. San Diego County Health Centers may provide free Hep A vaccines if you state that you are volunteering with homeless populations. Each guest will be told by Catholic Charities to get the vaccine or show proof of receiving it. 


     If you are willing to help in any way during the two-week session, please contact:


     Aline King at 619-466-2388 (sleepover) or Sharla Barry at 619-339-0644 (food sign-ups) or Mike Barry at 619-339-2496  Many thanks!!


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Seva is selfless service as a devotional practice of deepening our relationship with Spirit.  Sacred Service is a philosophy of service based upon knowing that each of us brings gifts and life experience into our spiritual communities.  Together, we experience meaning and purpose in our lives and to know that we are making a difference in the lives of others.

Has your inner wisdom been calling you to a greater expression of Spirit?

We invite you to answer the call.

Browse through our many opportunities for your special gifts to bless us all.  Our fellowship, guidance and gratitude awaits you.  We believe all service, given in love is a pathway to GOD.  Join us in affirming: I am Love in Action.  Bless You!

The basis of all service is truly in serving GOD. When we give of your time and our hearts, we are truly, the church.

"For as in one body, we have many members. And all the members do not have the same function. So we, though many, are one body in Christ, and individually members one of the other." (Romans 12:4-5 NRSV)

Sacred Service Ministry Opportunities Here

"It's not how much we give, but how much love we put into giving." Mother Teresa

Volunteer service is the backbone of our spiritual community. We believe that being in service enhances our own experience of living an abundant and meaningful life. There are many opportunities to serve our spiritual community as well as our local community and beyond.

We have immediate needs for Sacred Service Angels in the following areas
Greeters & UshersSunday Team
Welcome AmbassadorsSunday Team
Information KioskSunday Team
Brunch TeamSunday Team
VideographerSunday Team
Church Picnic (Sept 19 / Sept 20)Events Team
Office Angels:  Bookstore / ReceptionistWeekday Team
Feeding America (4th Tuesdays, Monthly)Outreach Team

"Before giving, the mind of the giver is happy; while giving, the mind of the giver is made peaceful; and having given, the mind of the giver is uplifted." Buddha

Let us help you get started...

Consider your passions or what you love. Do you enjoy connecting with people or are you happiest serving behind the scenes? Do you want to be "up front" on Sundays or would prefer to serve during the week or seaonally? Do you have a passion for making a difference in our local community? Are you seeking a small group of common interest?

There are many ways to get involved with serving at Unity and beyond.

Have a question, or not sure where you want to get started?   For more information about being in sacred service to our spiritual community, contact our office today.

For up-to-date information and/or to join the fun:

  •     Look for opportunities to be of service and sign up online
  •     Please stop by the Information Kiosk on Sunday mornings
  •     Call 619-280-2501
  •     Download an interest form to fill out and return to the Church Office on a Sunday (coming soon)
  •     Complete the interest form Here (coming soon)