Rise Above the Flood

We are all aware of the flooding in Texas and Louisiana.  Our prayers combine with Silent Unity, Unity Worldwide Ministries and many others to bless them right now and as they move into rebuilding their lives.  If you want to help with donations, navigate online to the website for Unity of Houston, www.unityhouston.org.  Click on the donate button.  A page will open with information at the top about their participation in the relief process.  We have been in communication with one of their ministers and they are grateful for the interest and support.

In our own lives, how do we face the circumstances that seem like rising flood waters? 

Jesus said to, build upon the rock."  This signifies that the houses of consciousness that are our lives need to have a foundation of the Truth of Spirit if we are going to survive the challenges of life.  God is our Source and foundation for our life, peace, love, wisdom, joy and creativity.  see yourself centered in the Divine.

In flood times, the caution is to "Go to high ground."  In our prayer time, this can be our watchword too.  Raise your awareness to your oneness with God.  Set your thoughts on the Mind of God and be receptive to divine ideas.  When others are fearful, discouraged and scattered, we can hold to God's Truth and lift them up. 

Floodwaters come to our lives.  When they recede, we can bless what was washed away and find ourselves renewed in the life-giving flow of Spirit.  With God, you can rise above the flood.


Bountiful blessings!


Reverend Blair