Our Ministers

Reverend Blair Tabor

Reverend Blair Tabor is an ordained Unity Minister, an accomplished speaker, a composer and musician. He has used his varied talents to inspire and delight churches, retreats, conferences and young people all over the country.

First introduced to Unity in Houston, Texas, he earned his Unity ministerial degree and was ordained in 1981. His first position was as the Associate Minister of the Unity Church in San Leandro, California. Reverend Blair then served at the Unity Church in Merced, California from 1982-1988. During this time he was the Regional Coordinator for the Youth of Unity for the West Central Region of the Association of Unity Churches. He was recognized nationally for his work and received the Distinguished Youth Service Award from the Association of Unity Churches.

In 1988 he accepted his current position with Unity San Diego, where he provides spiritual healing and direction for the Church. In addition to his regular weekly functions he offers special services for healing and holidays. Over the years he has taught a wide variety of classes at the Church, including healing, prosperity, prayer, meditation, goal setting, Bible history, Unity principles and listening skills.

As a songwriter, Reverend Blair has written over two hundred songs, produced two cassette albums of original songs, and a book and tape on Spiritual (Sufi) Dancing. A CD of his songs has been recorded by singers and musicians from our church and is available in the church bookstore and on-line at CDBaby.com.

Reverend Blair has served the Southwest Unity Church as Regional Representative, board chair and recently as chair of the regional conference team. He has also served on the board of trustees for the International Association of Unity churches. He currently serves on the Music Ministry Team and has received much acclaim for his planning of the Wednesday night service at the annual music conference "Sound Connections."

His wife, Meredith, is supportive of his ministerial and musical endeavors. She has been active in Women of Unity and as Youth Education Director for the Merced Unity Church. She currently serves as the Special Events Coordinator for Unity San Diego.

Reverend Blair and Meredith have twin sons, Nathan and Noel, and a daughter, Crystal. 

Unity San Diego is indeed blessed with a spiritual leader that truly lives by the Word. His serenity and wisdom are indicative of the guidance he receives from God.



Reverend Gretchen Pena

Reverend Gretchen Pena has a B.A. in Religious Studies from San Diego State University. She became a licensed and ordained Unity minister in 1996, and served as the senior minister at Christ Church Unity in Rochester, N.Y. for five years. She returned to San Diego in 2001, where she served as Associate Minister until she retired in January of 2010. She now serves as a volunteer on Sundays, teaching classes and heading up our Prayer Chaplains program.  Gretchen is a long standing member of Unity San Diego.