An Opportunity to Give.

Dearest Unity CommUnity,

Oh, what a difference one day can make! Sometimes even within an hour. After I wrote my article last week life began to drastically change. We went from less than 250 gathering to less than 10 to a state wide, "Stay At Home Order" from the Governor. All of this occurring so rapidly can create feelings of fear, anxiety or grief. We may even feel helpless. I want you to know, it is healthy to feel these feelings. We must acknowledge them. Once we acknowledge what ever feelings and unmet needs which arise, we are called to look beyond them. Even when we are still feeling them. We can put our Spiritual Principles to work. We can look for the good. We can use this as an opportunity to give more. Giving to ourselves first by taking care of ourselves; ex. taking a hot shower, bath or a walk outside to get some fresh air. We can give to someone in need even though we are practicing physical distancing. One family looked in their pantry, placed food and dry goods on a table in front of their home with a free sign. It feels good to give. We can continue to give to our Spiritual community because we affirm, as we give, we receive.

We could join our revitalized Angel's in the Wings Team. This group will make calls to connect with our church family and see what needs they may have. It may be to purchase meds or other items. Contact Charlyn Earp for more information at 619-850-6856 or

We can also continue our love offerings and tithes. We affirm we tithe to were we are Spiritually fed, even when it looks different. I want you to know, I am continuing to pray for the highest and best for all of us. I am looking beyond what is appearing to be real and discovering more ways for us to connect.

We can go on Facebook Live for our Sunday service or start our day with the Daily Meditation that Rev. Karla or myself are providing. I also, invite you to call our Prayer Line Ministry at 619-282-7609 Monday - Friday 12noon-9pm. Or call Silent Unity 24/7 at 1-800-669-7729. Together, we can get past this new reality. Please join us on Facebook live for my lesson, "An Opportunity to Give."


With love,

Reverend Edith