The Love of God Enfolds You

We all need a hug sometimes.  A hug gives us an opportunity to relax into an embrace, to let go and feel the support of another for a moment.  A hug helps stabilize our heart rate and our blood pressure.  A hug helps us feel we are not alone. 

Even if there is no human around you to offer a hug, you can turn to the love of God.  My favorite line in the "Prayer for Protection" is "The love of God enfolds you."  I love the word "enfold."  I remember when I first started using spell check on a computer.  Spell check did not know the word "enfold."  I had to "teach" spell check about enfold.  To me this is metaphorical.  I have to teach my feeling nature the word "enfold."  When upset or concerned about something, I can remember that I am enfolded in the love of God.  If my thoughts and feelings about another person reflect sense of separation, I can remember to enfold them in God's love.  I can visualize our planet enfolded in God's love.  (Remember, a copy of the Prayer for Protection is on the moon, always circling our planet.)

Take a moment now to engage your spiritual feelings.  Imagine that you are enfolded in a Divine Embrace.  The love of God enfolds you.  Lean into that embrace.  Relax your fears and concerns and let them go.  Release your anxious thoughts and feel surrounded and uplifted by the light and peace of Spirit.  Surrender to the infinite love of God.  Feel your body renewed, your emotions harmonized and your mind recharged.  This enfolding love of God is ever with you; just take time to receive its embrace.

The Love of God Enfolds You!

Bountiful blessings!

Reverend Blair Tabor