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“Seeds of Consciousness”

Ministry Leadership Development Program



2017-2018 Leadership Development Program Information Packet (Rev. 11/23/2016)

Application (PDF format), (Rev. 12/05/2016)

Please remit completed applications  by scanning and sending in email to Marty Cowden at m.cowden@sbcglobal.net or send a hard copy to the Church Office:   Attn: Marty Cowden, Unity San Diego, | 3770 Altadena Avenue, San Diego, CA 92105

Questions?  Email Marty Cowden at m.cowden@sbcglobal.net

Applications are accepted year round for the following year's program. 

Deepen your spiritual path by connecting with a group of like-minded individuals who are committed to living a life of authenticity, abundance and deep self-awareness.  This year long program will provide opportunities to create and strengthen bonds in community, to deepen your faith and awareness of God's ever-present good and to enable a dedicated, expansive experience for spiritual exploration and growth. 

The Purpose of The Unity Leadership Development Program is to develop a spiritual core of individuals who are currently in leadership or would like to be in leadership in the ministry.  The mission of this program is to provide tools and resources for current and future leaders to build and strengthen our beautiful community.

Course of Study
The Course of Study for this program is based on Unity teachings.  The Unity Leadership Development Program will also include deepening of Unity principles, leading prayers and meditations, listening skills, interpersonal skills, conflict resolution skills, platform / public speaking skills, spiritual intelligence and community building. Additional skills will include healing, prosperity and consciousness teachings, understanding & application of the twelve powers, team building, and outreach. Small group participation, committed prayer work, and group processing will aid personal spiritual growth.

Stewards of Light, Discipleship
Charles and Myrtle Fillmore, co-founder’s of Unity, envisioned a prayer and teaching ministry to help others apply the teachings of Jesus and practical Christian principles to daily lives.    

The intention behind the Unity Leadership Development Program is to nurture spirit within and expand leadership knowledge while integrating Unity principles.  Cooperating and working together in Christ consciousness, the Leadership Development Program provides an environment ripe for leadership success.

The program is designed to provide greater consciousness in an environment where growth and spiritual unfoldment is nurtured in community.   

Leadership Development Program Students should be dedicated to: serving the ministry; deepening their own spiritual presence; and opening and receiving personal and spiritual transformation.


“Seeds of Consciousness”

Leadership Development Program

Candidate Qualities

  1. Prayer:  At the heart of this ministry and this program is prayer.  Candidates must have a prayer consciousness, or be willing to take a class on Unity prayer / meditation to encourage personal daily prayer.
  1. Spiritual Maturity:  The Leader assumes all responsibilities for the circumstances of his or her life.  There must be a degree of self-awareness with the ability to introspect.  The Leader must have his or her life in functional order:  ability to pay bills, hold a job, and live responsibly.
  1. Service: The position of leader is one of service and humility to the community and the ministry.
  1. Commitment. This program lasts for one year.  Leaders must be current and active members of our community.  Leaders are committed to this program and agree to meet during class times.  Outside of class, the Leader agrees to participate in prayer, retreat and discussions.  It may be the case that many leaders continue in service beyond their time commitment as we build community in years to come.
  1. A Priority Of Spiritual Growth.  The willingness and ability to look within first with a priority to one’s own spiritual growth is a must.  Primary focus on understanding and applying principle over personality to resolve any issue is understood and agreed upon.
  1. Feedback.  The Leader must be open and willing to receive feedback as coaching is part of the training and growth of this program.
  1. Partnership. A Leader must be willing to collaborate, corroborate and build personal bonds with each another.
  1. Willingness To Be In Service With Congregants. Telephone calls, email, and personal connections will be some of the ways in which leaders will reach out to the Unity community.
  1. Confidentiality. All personal matters pertaining to other leaders, the Unity community, and the minister will be held in sacred trust.


“Seeds of Consciousness”

Ministry Leadership Development Program

Program Info

Class Size
The Leadership Development Program is limited to twelve participants each year.  This size class will allows for personal attention and focus on in-depth, quality study. It empowers learners to develop their leadership both at Unity and in the community.

The cost of the Unity Leadership Development Program is $250 per quarter, due at the beginning of the Program (January) and the months of April, July and October.  This will include most materials plus tuition.  

The mandatory Three Day Unity Leadership Weekend Overnight Retreat is $225.  Payment Schedule is as follows:  $125 due no later than May 1 and $100 due no later than August 1.

If anyone has a problem with this payment schedule, please see Marty Cowden or email her at m.cowden@sbcglobal.net.



Time Requirement 

*The May Class is integrated with a Three Day Unity Leadership Weekend Overnight Retreat (Begins Friday, May 20th at 4pm, ends Sunday, May 22nd at 2pm).


Saturday, March 18th, 9am – 4pm           Unity Principles / General / Overview Church &

                                                                  Unity History / Founders / God Concept / Theology /



Saturday, April 15th, 9am – 4pm             The Q Effect:  “The Art & Practice of No One and Nothing

                                                                 Against You” Workshop – Please plan to spend the                         

                                                                 day with us.  Potluck Breakfast (21 Day Practice)


Saturday, May 20th, 9am – 4pm              Prayer & Meditation


Saturday, June 24th, 9am – 4pm              Consciousness:  Intro to Spiral Dynamics

 Full Spectrum / Definition / Co-Creation / Wholeness /

 Prosperity / Healing / Prayer

Saturday, July 15th, 9am – 4pm               Spiritual & Emotional Intelligence

                                                   Interpersonal Skills & Communication

Fri-Sun, August 18th, 19th, 20th                Team Building Weekend / Ministry Leadership Retreat


Saturday, September 16th, 9am – 4pm    Inreach & Outreach (Side Doors)


Saturday, October 21st, 9am – 4pm         Church Administration & Ministries


Saturday, November 18th, 9am – 4pm    Sacred Service Volunteers / Special Interest / Affinity

                                                                  Groups / Spiritual Social Action


Saturday, December 20th, 9am – 4pm     Conflict & Polarity

Saturday, January 20th, 9am – 4pm         Community Needs & Growth Areas/ From Minister Centric to Mission Centric Vision

Saturday, February 17th, 9am-4pm           Review & Wrap Up


Seeds of Consciousness – Quarterly Service Times

As part of the class, participants will be demonstrating skills on a quarterly basis on the following Wednesday night services: 

Wednesday, June 7, 5pm – 8pm                       Special Evening Service: Prayer & Meditation

Wednesday, September 6, 5pm – 8pm             Special Evening Service: Prosperity

Wednesday, November 22, 5pm – 8pm            Special Evening Service: Community  

Wednesday, February 7, 5pm – 8pm                Special Evening Service: Gratitude


“Seeds of Consciousness”

Leadership Development Program

Application Process

Up to twelve leaders will be chosen from among the applicants. Applications are due on February 5th, 2017. Applicants will be interviewed to confirm their understanding of the program, expectations (what you would like to get out of the program and the ministers goals). Applicants with current and past church participation are highly encouraged to apply.



Please direct all questions to Marty Cowden at m.cowden@sbcglobal.net | (619) 398-7531.

2017-2018 Leadership Development Program Information Packet (Rev. 11/23/2016)

Application (PDF format), (Rev. 12/05/2016)


Please remit to Marty Cowden by Email or send a hard copy to the Church Office:  Unity San Diego, Attn:  Marty Cowden | 3770 Altadena Avenue, San Diego, CA 92105

Questions?  Email Marty Cowden at m.cowden@sbcglobal.net

Applications are accepted year round for the following year's program.