"I AM" Statements

The ancient name that God revealed to Moses was "I AM."  The Hebrews were told not to use the name in vain, so they avoided using it altogether.  Instead, they called God, "Lord."

When we separate from the name of God, we separate from the nature of God.  Instead of avoiding using the name of God, let us consciously use it to invoke the qualities of the Divine in our lives right now.

If you seem to be without understanding, invoke God's wisdom, "I AM God's wisdom and I make wise choices now.

If you seem to be without health, affirm, "I AM one with God's life and it flows through me now as health, wholeness and vibrant well-being.

Take time to affirm the words and phrase in the graphic with this blog.  Then create your own "I AM" statements.  Be bold in declaring that God-power works through you.  Be grateful to express the gifts of the Divine.  The Infinite Presence created you to be its amazing, creative expression.  Why not now?

Bountiful blessings!

Reverend Blair Tabor