Mighty currents of God’s healing love flow through me now.
God is at work in mighty ways to heal, bless and inspire me now.
God in me heals me and all my affairs.
The breath of the almighty gives me new life.
Christ in me is my healing power.
I live life in an easy, relaxed manner, in a healthy and positive way.
God is bringing me joyous and loving blessings in the perfect time.
The breath of the almighty gives me new life.
Angel of healing comes forth to heal me here and now.
The miracle-working power of Jesus Christ is released in every situation in my
life, now for the good of all concerned.
Jesus Christ can and is performing miracles in my mind, body and affairs here
and now.”
My body responds to the healing activity of the Christ.
I am quickened with God’s healing, life-giving power, now and always.
God created my body to be whole and well.
My body knows how to respond to Christ-life.
As the in-filling of new energy blesses me, my body is transformed into a
vessel of healing and life.
I pour out life into new and creative expression and my body is blessed as it
supports me in all that I do in life.
I ask God for a new beginning and God reveals the awesome power of the Christ
in me.
I have new life in God.
I am made whole.
I am quickened with God’s creative Mind which fills me and energizes every part
of my life.
I believe in the healing harmonizing power of the Christ at work in me and
through me.
The Christ presence heals me now.
My body is ever more responsive to God’s healing life.
The Christ presence heals me now.
The living Word of God is alive in and through me now.
I expect new energy.
I proclaim new strength.
I am grateful for the ease with which my body lets God heal it now.
I cast off the burdens of doubt and fear so that the Christ finds me ever
receptive to life and wholeness.
I stand in the radiant circle of God’s healing life.
My body is the temple of the living Christ Spirit. Every atom and cell of my
being is stirred up to new life by the word of the Christ.
I step beyond the limits of the past.
God-Mind charges my mind and body with life-giving energy and peace.
I am whole and well with the Christ as my companion.
I am embraced by the Jesus Christ vision of radiant health.
Each cell of my body is renewed in the Christ-pattern of wholeness and life.
I breathe the Christ fullness with every breath and I am satisfied.
Each bite of food I take today becomes the Christ body building in me health
and wholeness.
I am embraced by the Jesus Christ vision of radiant health.
I sparkle as a constellation of divine energy in the heaven of perfect life.
The Christ expresses as radiant health in every cell and organ of my body.
My body draws the Christ-life into every part of its reality.
I respond with peace and poise.
The peaceful countenance of the Christ shows forth to all.
I am cleansed and healed by the living waters of the Christ.
God-life flows and harmonizes every part of me with the perfect
The Christ in me sees through all things to God presence, power and activity
now blessing all things and situations.
I see with the vision of Spirit.
No appearance of evil or lack can hold my attention.
God is at work to heal.
It is God’s good pleasure for all to experience wholeness and joy.
I am responsive to the Holy Spirit which directs me to my blessing.
I am made whole by the power of God’s grace and glory.
I see my body whole and well.
The Christ-vision of wholeness energizes my body.
I bless my eyes.
I bless every cell and organ of my body and see vibrant life as my only
I am now and always at home in the healing power of the Christ-life.
I rise from the tomb of the darkness of the past.
No thing or person can kill the Christ that is my eternal reality.
Even in the pain of life, God is at work to bring forth something greater.
I am cleansed by the Spirit and go forth with a confidence and expectation of
infinite blessing.
I cross out my beliefs in death and declare that God is my eternal life.
I am blessing my body and see it free of every limitation now.
My body bathes in the life-giving presence of radiant Christ-life.
I feel the blessing of the Christ radiating to me from every direction.
I give thanks and celebrate my life in Christ-life.
God loves me and is at work to heal every part of my being.
Life is at work, even when I do not see it, to raise me to the Christ
I join with the angels and all believers and let the song of the Christ sing
through me in celebration of the triumph of God.
I believe in the resurrection of the Christ.
God raises me from thoughts of death into a transforming experience of new life
and joy.
I join the company of risen beings.
The Christ brings new life to all.
I am a part of the resurrection process.