Following Spirit's Guidance

Through the years, I have continually taught the importance of asking for and responding to God’s guidance.  So now, after 30 years of service to our church, Spirit is directing me to release my position as minister at the end of June this year.  It has been an honor and a joy to provide leadership stability for so long.  It is rare for a minister to stay 10 years, much less 30.  There are already varied responses to my announcement, including shock, sadness, anger and relief. Know that our Prayer Ministry, Prayer Chaplains, our board of directors, myself and many others are in prayer for guidance and blessings for us all through this process.

In those 30 years, we have had many celebrations, many challenges and through it all, God has been an ever-present blessing.  We have seen healings; we have celebrated weddings; we have celebrated lives completing.  We have found inspiration in Unity’s teaching, the Bible and in each other.  We have had wonderful music.  (Ron is planning to stay as Music Director.)  We have made improvements to our buildings and grounds.  (More work still lies ahead.)  We have helped other organizations, Head Start, City Heights Prep School, Heifer Foundation, Interfaith Shelter Network, just to name a few.  Our tithes have helped support Unity Village, Unity Worldwide Ministries and our Southwest Region of Unity Churches.  These are just the things I can think of right now.

My prayer is that my legacy at this church and your ongoing participation will continue to be blessing to you and many others.  Many people identify me as the source of their Unity experience, but in truth, it is the Divine Presence and our Unity teachings that have been my inspiration and will continue to be your inspiration and support in the years to come.

Our staff and board of directors have been preparing for the change in leadership in conjunction with Unity Worldwide Ministries.  Their recommendation is that after having a long-tenured minister, the church go through the Transition Ministry process.  For a minimum of six months, a Unity Minister, trained in guiding churches through a process of grieving and re-visioning, will serve as minister.  Near the end of that process, that minister will guide the board in the process of publishing a request for resumes and the following up with an interview process for the succeeding minister.  This may seem like a long process, but it is preferable to going through 5 ministers in 8 years, which was our church’s experience when Reverend Stevens, our founding minister, suddenly left after 19 years as our minister.

Meredith, my wife, has been such an amazing support for me during our time at this church.  Her ideas, involvement and patience for all the time and energy I devoted to our church, allowed me to function in the many ways that I was able.  I am very grateful for her support through the years and for being with me as me move into our next experiences of life.  Meredith is also retiring.  She and I will be stepping away for a time and blessing you in new beginnings.

In love and gratitude,

Reverend Blair Tabor