Let's Talk About It

Over the course of several months, Unity communities have created ways for people to sit together and

hold meaningful conversations on race and implicit bias. Beginning in August 2020, Unity San Diego began

facilitated dialogues to explore racism and implicit bias. We realize some may wonder why they should be

involved, “I’m not racist” is the thought. But, what we have discovered in the group is; all of us have some

type of bias and we’ve all made the commitment to collectively and personally make a difference. In our

group, we watch videos, and sometimes read articles pertinent to the topic that evening, then discuss ways

of creating more harmony in our churches, our homes, and our community. We come together to learn and

discover ways to live with more compassion and empathy within our Unity family and the world.

This group is open to anyone who wants to explore making a difference by digging deeper. We invite you

to ask yourself this question, “What is mine to do?”

Join us for this on-going group meeting on the 1st & 3rd Thursdays at 6:30pm (PDT) on Zoom. For

Zoom sign on information contact Rev. Edith at revedith@unitysandiego.org or the church office at

619-280-2501, ext 102.


May 6th, 2021 6:30 PM   through   8:00 PM
3770 Altadena Ave
Zoom online
San Diego, CA 92105
United States
Phone: 619-280-2501