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Spreading Love

Dearest Unity CommUnity,

There is one thing I find which stands out in times like this; love prevails. I watched this demonstrated when first responders saluted other first responders in New York City, in other cities across our beautiful country and near us in Chula Vista. This proves to us we have a strong desire to connect with each other. When we do things like this our need for creating connection is met. It is apparent people feel good when sharing their love for others. You are invited to join us for service on Sunday where I will be sharing on "Spreading Love."

The Courage to Awaken

Dearest Unity CommUnity,

Each day we wake up to a brand new day. This day is a little different. It is the dawning of a new beginning; a new reality as we awaken to our true connection with God. Today we celebrate Jesus waking up after laying his body down. He wakes up to being fully the Christ. He is now pure Spirit. Jesus has shown us the way to awaken. You are invited to join us for our Easter Service. My sermon title is "The Courage to Awaken."

With love,

Reverend Edith


The Wisdom to Visualize

Dearest Unity CommUnity,

I have been in continuous prayer without ceasing. This means every word I think and say is a prayer.

If I have a negative or unloving thought come up, I immediately change it to a positive loving affirmative thought. Each of us are called to put into action our Unity Principles and beliefs now.


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