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"I AM" Statements

The ancient name that God revealed to Moses was "I AM."  The Hebrews were told not to use the name in vain, so they avoided using it altogether.  Instead, they called God, "Lord."

When we separate from the name of God, we separate from the nature of God.  Instead of avoiding using the name of God, let us consciously use it to invoke the qualities of the Divine in our lives right now.

If you seem to be without understanding, invoke God's wisdom, "I AM God's wisdom and I make wise choices now.

See Something More

Ours eyes focus on what is familiar to us.  What we are used to perceiving registers in our mind more quickly what something unfamiliar.

As you look at the graphic with this blog.  Do you see a sax player with a big nose or the face of a woman?  

As you look at life, do you see the same-old-same-old stuff, or are you open to perceiving that Spirit is in, behind and working through all things?

Letting Go

Today's Daily Word reads, "Surrendering is not quitting or giving up, rather, it is setting aside my own ego and relying upon Spirit within for peace of mind."

A part of our human makeup that wants to create, accomplish, and make things happen.  Yet, many times our human efforts arise from a limited perception of what is present and what is possible.  

Following Spirit's Guidance

Through the years, I have continually taught the importance of asking for and responding to God’s guidance.  So now, after 30 years of service to our church, Spirit is directing me to release my position as minister at the end of June this year.  It has been an honor and a joy to provide leadership stability for so long.  It is rare for a minister to stay 10 years, much less 30.  There are already varied responses to my announcement, including shock, sadness, anger and relief.

Inner Warmth

The nights are short.  The temperature cold.  Rather than complain, make a stand in spiritual consciousness:

I am the light of the world!

I bring the love of Christ to all my world!

I let the light of God that I am shine in the world!

I remind others of the light that they have, the light that they can shine!

I let the light in me warm my heart and open my being to be a blessing for others!

God's light in me is enough to make a difference in me and around me!

The light illumines every part of my being, every part of my world!


Lighten Up!

The events of life can challenge us to hold to our truth that we are eternal beings.  Remember that you are not what happens to you.  You are a creative expression of the creative power of the universe.

When we strive for enlightenment, we need to remember to lighten up!  To rise above the seeming discord, let divine light flood your being.  Let spiritual mirth give you new birth.  Allow heavenly joy tickle your awareness with a light-hearted view of yourself and others.  Bathe in a sense of bliss.

Are you listening?

I saw a t-shirt recently that read, "I hear you, but I'm not listening."

There is an important balance between being self-aware AND present to others.  This is another polarity.  Both aspects can be complimentary when we manage our self-care and are in sacred, loving service to others.

We are all in this together!

We are all connected.  Sometimes we feel separate.  Sometimes we wish we could separate.  The truth of the universe is that we are all a part of one thing.  Whatever you are thinking, the energy of those thoughts is registered in the energy fields of others.  Whatever you do, the energy with which you do it touches others.


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