Interfaith Shelter Network

he 2017 Interfaith Shelter needs your help!

Interfaith Shelter Network

Unity San Diego will be hosting the final two weeks of this year’s Interfaith Shelter. The guests we have served in the past have deeply appreciated the warm reception and caring service our church has provided. 

Last year, numerous congregations like ours provided assistance for over 250 guests in seven regions of San Diego county.  Each church provided a bed at night, hot evening family-style meals, beverages, snacks and breakfast.  Guests leave the shelter each morning with a sack lunch while they search for work and take care of their needs.

Unity San Diego will host this year between Sunday, March 26th & Sunday, April 9th.  We will need volunteers to provide service to the guests by cooking evening meals, staying with them overnight and providing assistance with their departure in the morning.  Weekend help with laundry transportation is also needed.

Mandatory Training dates for all volunteers are at 10 AM in St. Luke's on Sundays, Feb 26, Mar 5, Mar 12 and Mar 19, 2017.

If you are willing to help in any way during the two-week session, please contact:  Aline King at 619-280-2501 ext 133  or Sharla Barry at 619-339-0644.

Interfaith Shelter | Sun., March 26- Sun., April 9, 2017


·      Saturday set-up, March 25, 9-12 noon

·      Evening meals for 13 evenings

·      14 sleepover males  / 14 sleepover females / 4 weekend hosts for 4-5 hour shifts

·      Sunday am helpers for David in Wrigley Hall in moving tables & chairs, 

       April 6 and April 9 at 8 am

·      Monetary donations and your prayers for guests' permanent housing. 

Sign up with Aline King in Wrigley Hall after services or message her at

619-280-2501, ext. 133  Many thanks for all your support in time, talent

and treasure!