Classes & Workshops



The book for the Grief and Recovery Workshop is now in our Bookstore at a 10% discount for Class Participants. 


Registration now available online for Tuesday 10am Grief Recovery Workshop HERE  and for 7pm Wednesday Workshop HERE

or Register with Rebecca in the bookstore.

Childcare will be available for the Wednesday evening Grief Recovery Workshop.




Classes and Workshops at Unity San Diego


Expand your mind at Unity San Diego. Be in the conversation.  Stimulate new ideas and a positive path to spiritual living!

Our ministers and certified teachers offer workshops and classes in numerous subjects that are of interest and to faciliate the deepening of spiritual awareness.  

In addition, we have other activities that are designed to expand the sense of community and spiritual consciousness of our church family.



Events & Classes Forms

For all classes and activities, please complete an Activities Request Form (ARF) for logistics and scheduling purposes.  If you have any questions regarding
this form, please contact the Bookstore at (619) 280-2501, ext.111

Unless otherwise noted, classes are held on our campus:  Unity San Diego - 3770 Altadena Ave., San Diego, CA 92105 (619) 280-2501